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Consumers want control over being tracked

  • <>  Consumers own their computer, IP Address, emails and cell phone.                        

  • <> Consumers should be asked for consent when a third party loads files onto their hard drive.

  • <> Consumers have the right to exclude their data from being tracked and followed, from having their actions and habits recorded and sold to advertisers.

How it works

There is ample evidence that the vast majority of consumers are tired of being tracked, tired of giving up data that hundreds of companies sell. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) agrees and has requested that the private sector come up with a Do Not Track solution. Absent that, they have promised to work toward passing federal laws to protect consumers regarding tracking.

The Do Not Track Registry® (trademark owned by Pridatco Inc. and registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office) offered here will do more than that. We'll be working WITH ad networks, websites and advertisers to end unfair tracking AND to allow consumers to control tracking while offering the option to allow greater custom targeting. Phase 1 is based on IP addresses and cell phone numbers, recorded from subscribers and made available via a license model similar to

Phase 2 will look at methods for advertisers to partner with consumers to explore certain types of advertising, highly targeted to consumer interests and activities.