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  • The most recent publishing of this Privacy Policy (of updates or changes) is April 13, 2013.


  • Legal and copyright notices

  • Section 1 - Summary of privacy policy and data handling procedures

  • Section 2 - Details on personal information collected and how this is used

  • Section 3 - General procedures and administration of privacy practices


Important legal notice - All information on this website is subject to the following disclaimer, copyright notice and U.S. federal and state statutes and regulations related to personal data protection.


This website is owned by Pridatco Inc. and operated through its subsidiary (hereafter “We, Us, or Our”). The purpose of this website is to enroll members who will appoint Pridatco and as their agent for the express purpose of controlling or stopping the tracking of the member's Internet activity, personal information, identity and consumer profiles. Further, the member asserts their ownership rights in their personal information at this website, to establish and demonstrate their personal property rights in that data; further, to avail themselves of the information offered to them by the website. It is our policy to maintain timely and accurate information on this website and we accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this website.

The website maintains and presents general information to its members throughout. This information is:

  1. Of a general nature, not intended to address specific circumstances of any identifiable individual or entity;
  2. Not presented as legal, financial nor professional advice;
  3. Not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date;
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  5. Members and visitors who need professional or legal advice should consult a suitably qualified professional.

Certain data or information on our various websites may have been created in files or formats that are not error-free and we cannot guarantee that our service will not be interrupted or otherwise affected by such problems. We accept no responsibility with regard to such problems incurred as a result of using this website or any linked external websites.

Our websites may contain links to websites operated and maintained by third parties, over which we have no control. Privacy policies on such linked websites may be different from our privacy policy. Members and visitors access such linked websites at their own risk. Always read the privacy policy of a linked website before disclosing any personal information on such site. It is not recommended that any members divulge any personal information to any third party.

It is the goal of to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of natural persons, and in particular their property rights in all forms of their personal data; further, our goal is to protect the data with respect to processing, transmitting and maintaining its economic worth on behalf of each member.

This disclaimer is not intended to limit the liability of (or any subsidiary) in contravention of any requirements laid down in applicable national laws or to exclude its liability for matters which may not be excluded under that law.

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Section 1 - Summary of privacy policy and data handling

It's very simple. Any data collected and stored by is your data, provided by you and it will be vigorously protected. You have property rights in your data and you will determine how it is used. Your information is stored in a secure database, to which you will have access for review or updates. In addition, the website follows the Federal Trade Commission five principles of privacy. is committed to protecting your privacy and to developing technology that gives you the most powerful and secure online experience. Sometimes we do need information to provide services that you request, and the general procedures and Terms of Service may explain data collection and use in those situations.

 Collecting your personal Information

The data collected is used to enroll the member in the national Do Not Track Registry® (DNTR) for the purpose of controlling or stopping tracking of the member. Copies of the Do Not Track Registry® will be licensed to qualified ad networks, advertisers and ecommerce websites for use in stopping tracking of the DNTR members. Additional data may be collected if requested by the members and may be offered in other types of consumer profile licenses as approved by the DNTR members. 

Our goal will be to devise ways to effectively stop tracking and develop ways for consumers to participate, perhaps in tightly focused messages via limited tracking, and to be rewarded for receiving such messages. This is our future goal and any such enhancements will be expressly agreed to by the members involved. We'll also work with all licensees to devise some technical tracking needed to make their systems work but which will not be identifiable surveillance-style tracking.

We'll be working WITH ad networks, websites and advertisers to end unfair tracking AND to allow consumers to control tracking while offering the option to allow greater custom targeting. Phase 1 is based on IP addresses and cell phone numbers, recorded from subscribers and made available via a license model similar to

During registration the service assigns a personal identification number and sends it to your computer in the form of a small text file, called a "cookie." The use of this cookie allows you to use our services in the future without having to type in all your information. We do not transfer any information or allow any information to be transferred between websites or to be transmitted to those licensing the DNTR.

Use of your personal Information

We use your personal information for seven primary purposes. Other than these, we do not transmit member data to anyone for any purpose. As your agent, we are not allowed to share any of your information without your express permission.

Uses may include:

  1. To populate the data categories in the Do Not Track Registry®. This action occurs when a member enrolls and inputs email addresses and/or cell phone numbers. This data enables members to evidence ownership of their data.

  2. To aggregate the data with other members and make available for the sole use of stopping or controlling tracking. 

  3. To help us create and deliver content and services to you pursuant to the agreement between you and us.

  4. To establish and administer your account with DoNotTrackUs

  5. To make the website easier to use by not making you enter your personal information more than once.

  6. To help you locate services or information on our website and alert you to new services.

  7. To allow you to purchase any services or products that might be offered in the future.

Agent – principal relationship

The relationship between DoNotTrackUs and the member in regard to a member's data, identity and information is one of agent-principal. The member expressly appoints the company as his/her general agent to represent the member in the collection, secure storage, aggregation and marketing of all data specific to the member and in informing advertisers that the member's IP address and cellphone number(s) are listed on the Do Not Track Registry®. Tracking does not stop immediately upon your enrollment. Development of the Do Not Track mechanisms will be under development while working groups work toward consensus with trackers to implement the no tracking process. We will operate within a cooperative rather than an aggressive framework, but our goal will be for resulting protections as requested by our agent-principal partner - you.

Data security

Data security and backup architectures are mission critical to the collection, maintenance and use of consumer data at Legacy system security software and procedures such as RACF, firewalls, off-site storage, and redundancy are utilized. Internal security is established using authentication and security levels and access. Separate server platforms and procedures have been established for development, QA and hosting activities. Those third parties wishing to license the DNTR are verified and authenticated.

Section 2 - Details on personal information collected and how this is used

This concerns those who are members of DoNotTrackUs. Minimal information is collected from visitors (such minimal information could include data collected by server logs, specifying cookie uses, or pointing to privacy policies of partners, affiliates, and other relevant third parties).

The data at DoNotTrackUs is collected using three methods. The primary collection method is the data offered by those filling our the enrollment form (email addresses, cell phone numbers). Secondly, data could include the actions of a member while being online in the website. This would include typical information used to generate cookies. Finally, future information marketing may be offered to members and they may choose whether to participate and what information to offer. We do not transfer any information or allow any information to be transferred between websites or to be transmitted to clients of our marketing products without the members' express agreement and participation in the revenue of such transfers.

It is the policy of Pridatco to search for and implement sharing of the economic value of members' data. This policy is a primary feature of the second Pridatco website, Money For My Data. Following the publishing and sales of the Do Not Track Registry® license to ad networks and websites, DNTR members will also share in the net profits of this website.

Section 3 - General procedures and administration of privacy practices

This privacy policy will be administered in accordance with the promises made on this website and with the company's duties as an agent for the member. Data is owned by the member but placed in our care to assist the member in controlling or stopping the tracking of that member. The publishing date of any updates is noted on the homepage footer link to this Policy. The policy itself will also show the new date of publication.

Inquiries on this policy or other privacy related questions can be sent to us via email at  Subj: DNTU Privacy